Saturday, June 28, 2008

Working on a new home project?

One of the great benefits of being a Realtor is the businesses we have the opportunity to partner up with. We can offer our clients a 10% off your home projects up to $5000 if you just click on the Lowes banner and fill out the simple form it directs you too. It also gives you a look at some great Magazines offered by Lowes after you sign up. This is a great opportunity to finish those projects you started.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Finally Friday!

Well, we had a fun day today! The boss was out! :) Our junior assistant was here today, Mercedes! We kept her busy stuffing envelopes and making copies! Kala.....well this picture says it all....
We have been brainstorming our database all day and still are up in the air about what we need to do. We have 3 diffrent databases we are trying to set up and want them all to be as easy as possible to use. So, what's your opinion? Which data base do you use? We need to keep all three seperate for different things.
We have an event planned for mid July that we are also working on propmoting. It is going to be an OPEN DOOR EVENT, and we plan to offer on site Injured Credit Solutions as well as free credit reports. Our in house Mortgage Loan Officer Birgit will be here to speak with anyone who needs assistance or has questions. We are giving away $25 worth of free gas each hour of the event too, and we all could use a little help in that area now right?? We also plan to have agents on site if you would like to tour any property in the MLS, or you can view any of the properties in the MLS right here in the office. So, if you have some time Thursday July 10th from 3-7, stop by and see what we have to offer. Just remeber, look for the Red Awning over our doors, you can't miss it in the ReMax Complex! Bring your business card too! Oh, and one more thing, there will be coffee!

Just a few of our company listings.....

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Thursday, June 26, 2008

A little background if you will......

Well this blog is going to be a collective effort by us to keep you entertained, informed and updated on all that is here at Marsha Booth & Associates. First off, let me say we are a Real Estate Company that has recently opened....or rather branched off from our main office, ReMax Executive Group, Inc., here in Elizabethtown Kentucky. Right now our team is made up of 3 full time Realtors and two administrative assistants. Marsha, being an associate broker and full of great ideas and highly motivated is responsible for this great company. Among our group is her daughter Kala who attends college and works here part time. Then there is Wanda, tell it like it is, mother of two, wife to Kelly and loves her coffee in the morning -Wanda. Kim, mother of three, worked in finance a good part of her life so knows the in's and out's of the money end of any real estate deal. She's quiet but always has lots going on so she is always on the go. Then there's me, Cindi, newest member of the team, mother of two, and always looking for more time in the day! We seem to work well together, and collectively have a lot to share. So this is our "water cooler" if you will, a place to let it out and share ideas with you and among ourselves. Feel free to comment if you find something interesting, or if you just have something to add. So grab a cup of coffee and look for another post real soon!