Monday, December 6, 2010

Clean Laughter

As a parent you always try to protect your children. It seems as though television, radio, concerts, etc... now need censoring. Our families at MBA all seem to be very close. Finding activities that are appropriate for all ages seems to be harder and harder. We can find shows or movies that entertain the little ones but bore the young adults. We find shows for the young adults and the little ones are just too young. It always seems the adults and elders suffer through just to see the smiles on the little ones face. For this holiday season I took my family to see Cirque Dreams Holidaze. It was truly entertainment for the whole family. Our family ranges from 4 to 65 and they all sat in amazement.

Me with Anita Renfroe.

My daughter and I also had a girls night out to enjoy one of our favorite comedians, Anita Renfroe. She is known for the "Mom Song" but does numerous other skits. She can be found on tour with Women of Faith or local churchs. She has been on Good Morning America and all over YouTube. She can brighten your day and bring laughter to your life. Check her out at or

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Shop with a Cop


I would like to take a moment to thank each and everyone of you who donated time, items and money to Shop with a Cop.

Friday night FOP Lodge 39 held an auction at their lodge to raise money to help children get winter clothes for Christmas. FOP members gathered to enjoy fellowship and food. Afterwards an auction was held with donated items from the community. There was lots of laughter, bidding wars and of course tons of money raised.

This is the FOP Lodge is hoping with the money raised they will be about to help out around 45 children. GREAT SUCCESS!!!

Thank you once again for your donations and support.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Welcome Earnest Kellogg to Marsha Booth & Associates, Re/Max Executive Group, Inc.

Earnest Kellogg is the newest member of the Marsha Booth & Associates Team. We want to personally welcome him to the team and let you all know what he brings as our newest team member.
Earnest has been a Realtor now for 5+ years, with licenses in Kentucky and Maryland. He also has a license in Property Management in Florida. Earnest is retired Army, serving his country 21 years. He is accredited in both GRI and ABR. Earnest is also a member of the Masonic Lodge, and former National Security Agency Officer. "Selling E-town, One Home at a Time!" Call Earnest for all your home buying or selling needs!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Christmas Gift & Décor Show

Mark your calendars now for December 10-12 to attend the 22nd annual Christmas Gift & Décor Show at the Kentucky Fair and Expo Center South Wing. You will find something for everyone in the 500 to 700 booths featured each year, with vendors from at least 30 states.
Bring your children and be one of the first 500 each day to get a free photo with Santa! Stop by the Crusade for Children booth to get your ticket and capture that special memory with Santa! Tell Santa you want a new house and he will tell you to call Marsha Booth & Associates, we will get you everything you want in a new home!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Glendale Days 2010 - October 16th

Well another successful Glendale Days for 2010, and if I didn't know better I would say we had record crowds this year due to some great weather. A great way to jump start your Christmas shopping, or just a day out with friends or family, Glendale Days has something for everyone. While supporting local artists and families or organizations, you can find gifts like jewelry, handmade candles, lots of Christmas decorations to fit most any person on your list. My family goes to experience the food! If you have never tried a deep fried Oreo Cookie, or deep fried Twinkies, you haven't lived yet! Be sure and mark your calendar for next year's Glendale Crossing Festival so you can experience one of our favorite local attractions. You will be glad you did!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Preparing your home for a Home Inspection

Thinking of selling your home in the near future? It is likely there will be a home inspection ordered after you have an offer on the table. Thanks to a local home inspector, Kevin Beasy, below is a list of things that will help you get your home ready and take the worry out of the inspection.

Remove dirt/mulch from contact with siding or brick. The dirt should be at least 2 inches below-- but 3 to 4 inches is recommended.

The ground should slope away from the home so no puddles form close to your foundation. Pay close attention to down spouts, be sure they are directing water away from the foundation.

Trim trees and shrubs back from the structure.

Clean out gutters, chimneys and siding and have chimney professionally cleaned.

Be sure all windows and doors are in working condition. All latches should operate correctly. No cracks in glass panes. Check for fogged glass and have these replaced. Check screens for holes and have them repaired.

Paint all exterior wood. Replace any rotted wood. Caulk around all windows, doors and trim.

If you have a crawl space, be sure it is dry and the vapor barrier is in good condition. If space is musty smelling, you probably need more ventilation.

Check to be sure attic ventilators are working properly and no vents are blocked.

Have your air conditioner serviced. Be sure to replace air filters. Check for water leaks in attic especially around chimneys and vents.

Check to be sure all bathroom vents send the air to the outside, these can not vent to the attic.

Test all smoke detectors and install a CO detector if needed.

Be sure you have GFCI receptacles in required areas like bathrooms, kitchens (must be within 6 feet of sinks), garage and any outdoor locations.

Replace any burned out light bulbs.

Repair any leaking faucets and toilets.

Check grout to be sure it is clean and solid. You should repair any loose tile or spongy wall behind it. Re-caulk around tubs, showers and shower doors. Do not do quick repairs that look cheap and unprofessional. This is a red flag for inspectors.

The inspector will need access to the electrical service panel, attic, water and HVAC system. Make sure these are clear from personal items to allow for easy access.

Friday, August 13, 2010



I just wanted to take a moment to remind everyone safety first. This has been a dangerous month it seems. Below are a few tips to help keep you safe.

The heat is unbearable at times. Remember if out in the sun wear sunscreen. We have had personal battles with screen cancer. Reschedule strenuous activities until cooler times such as early morning or late evenings. Drink plenty of fluids.

Keep all doors locked and never let a stranger in your home. I know this may seem silly, but in the past month I have had clients called with strangers wanting to see inside their homes or letting themselves in. If you house is for sale, call the agent to show. If your children are home alone, tell them not to answer the door. Just remember you don't have to show your home to someone who is wanting to see the floor plan.

One last tip. If you use online banking. Make an effort to check it daily or weekly. This will help you catch fraud sooner. If something looks suspicious call your bank, even if you cant remember if it was you or not they will be able to give more details of the purchase and help to stop identity theft from happening to you.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Fish Fry and Benefit Auction July 10, 2010 for MaryAnn Lee

Mary Ann Lee is a friend and fellow Real Estate agent who used to work in our office. She was recently in an accident that severed her right hand and her left thumb. Her employer did not have any insurance for her and she has already had several surgeries and many more to go so this benefit will help out with medical expenses. She has no use of her hands right now, and cannot do the simple tasks that we take for granted everyday. She is a hard worker and was doing what she could to provide for her family and we would like to encourage anyone who reads this to help out by contributing to the benefit by donating items you no longer need, or by coming by on July 10th at 7:00PM to bid on some great items donated by others in our community. If you have items to donate, smaller items can be dropped off at our office at 110 Chase Way, Suite 4 or you can call our office and we can make arrangements to have your items picked up before the auction day. Call 270-735-1353 or the auction coordinator (Mary Ann's sister) Wanda Bryant at 502-827-1402. Thank you in advance for your help!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Garden Tour and Tea

Do you ever feel like you are always doing the same activities in your spare time? Looking for ideas for the weekend? June 27, 2010 from 1-5 The Tea and Horticulture Exhibit will be held in the ballroom of the Brown Pusey House.

Gardens on Tour
Art exhibit in studio at historic home
Cunningham Garden at Brown Pusey House
UofK Trial Gardens at Extension Office

Obtain tickets at Brown Pusey Garden.
Admission for the Tea, Tour and Exhibit $10.00

Sponsored by The Garden Club of Elizabethtown

Friday, March 19, 2010

Radio Show

Hello Everyone,

Hope you're taking the time to enjoy the sunny weather. Everyone knows I believe firmly in networking. Networking opens so many doors that you never thought imaginable, creative juices start flowing, new ideas are formed, and business opportunities are made. Tuesday I went to my monthly Networking for Women meeting. Little did I know a door was about to open. I had the opportunity to be on a radio show. Listen to the link below to hear me talk about my business and the real estate market. Just remember I am never too busy for your referrals.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Paying our respects for a local fallen solider

If you have a Facebook, you probably have seen the huge show of support for local fallen solider Mark Hudson. He was a native of Larue County and graduated from Larue County High School. As a community, we are trying to rally as many people as possible to gather on the route of his final ride home. We will be out in front of the Re/Max complex about 9:15 am to show our support and hope you will join us, if not here, somewhere else along 31W between Ft. Knox and Elizabethtown. It will be cold, so bundle up and we will have hot chocolate for those that park here. It will be an honor to show our support to his family for the service he provided our country.
To read the news article published in the local newspaper click this link:

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My Favorite I Phone Apps

Lots of people have been asking me what some of my favorite I Phone Apps are since I have had my I Phone for quite awhile now. I thought I would share them here so whether for business use, there should be something for everyone.
I will list my favorites first then describe each one according to how I use them.
Amazon Kindle
Dragon Dictation
Web Albums
5-0 Radio
Lose It
Drop Box

Facebook speaks for itself, no better way to catch up than using Facebook for the Iphone

Amazon Kindle- the Iphone version of the Kindle App is even better than the real Kindle if you ask me. I actually purchased a Kindle for Christmas because I loved this app so much but was disappointed with the "real thing" because of the lack of touch screen that comes with the Iphone app. Also, the screen flashes when you turn a page, kind of a slow blink and that too was a downgrade to the Iphone app. You do loose screen size with the Iphone, but there are so many advantages to having your books in a compact size you will have with you anyway, nothing extra to tote around. A must for anyone who reads, and the free selection of books make this even more appealing.

Dragon Dictation is awesome especially if you think of things while driving but don't want to take your eyes off the wheel to text. For example, I might simply need to make an important phone call when arriving to work, but just know with so many other things on my mind I will forget this. So, I open Dragon Dictation, push one button and "Speak" my message, then one more button and I can send it either as an email or text with very little effort and the message is waiting for me as a reminder when I log on at work. There are tons of other ways to use this but being forgetful like I am, this is fantastic!

Evernote - works with your online account of Evernote where you can save typed files, photos, or spoken messages and sort them however you find useful.

Google - is just that, a search engine like you would have on your computer, but they make it better because you can "speak" the business you might be looking for, and it will give you the listing with one button dial feature also to keep you as hands free as possible. I have used this many times while looking for certain merchandise, or even calling ahead to pick up dinner.

Web Albums - this is a IPhone version of Picasa's Web Albums. This is great if you already use Picasa because you just sign in and there are all your photos to show from your brothers wedding, to the new house you want to show family when you go for a visit. No need to drag the photo albums out of the closet.

5-0 Radio is a police scanner and allows you to listen to your general area, whether it is police or fire and ems. If you have a loved one who works in these fields, you can listen in on the calls they may be heading too.

Lose It - if you are like me, you are continually dieting or watching what you eat, or just trying to get more active. This app is great because it has tons of foods you can track in their food journal, as well as many, many exercises and how many calories you can burn doing them. It has endless possibilities so definitely a good one to check out.

DropBox - syncs with your PC version and you simply drop files into it on your desktop and it is instantly available on your Iphone. Maybe a PDF file you needed to read, or a recipe you wanted to share, it is right there as if you were on your PC at home.

These are just a few, but maybe you have favorites not mentioned here? Let me know some of your favorites!

Once again, Re/Max Teams up with The Kentucky Derby Festival!

Once again, RE/MAX teams up with the Kentucky Derby Festival Great BalloonFest! The RE/MAX balloon will once again appear and compete for the prize on April 22nd – 24th, 2010 (25th rain date). If you plan to attend the Kentucky Derby Festival, be sure to make time to see the balloon races. It is a great event that the whole family will enjoy. Call our office, Marsha Booth & Associates, 270-769-8211 for more information.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Great Idea from one of my clients

I received this idea from a client and thought it was a great idea worth sharing!

Put your car keys beside your bed each night when you are getting ready for bed. Why you ask? Well, if you hear someone outside your house in the middle of the night, grab your keys and set off the car alarm! What a great idea! You have an instant burglar alarm and pay no set up or maintenance fees. Tell your kids, your parents, your friends and co-workers, you never know when this will save someones life! It could even work for someone who has a heart attach or falls and can't get to a phone. Someone would surely become suspicious and call the police if it continued to go off.
Have any other suggestions for this, leave me a comment! Would love to hear what ideas you can come up with!