Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Open Houses?

I read an article today about OPEN Houses and what they mean in today’s market. I don’t know how everyone else feels but I feel that an open house is still an effective way to market a home.
From a personal stand point, I think if a buyer is considering a certain home, they are going to do everything possible to get a look and feel for the home and photos and virtual tours only give you so much. And maybe you are considering a particular home and want your mother’s opinion? You have already toured the home and there is an upcoming open house scheduled, just take mom by the house and let her get a look too. Maybe you can’t remember if the 3rd bedroom is big enough for a full size bed? An open house allows you the freedom to tour the home again without feeling like you have to make a special appointment to get another look.

From a realtor standpoint, anyone who comes to an open house is obviously looking for a home or at least knows someone who will need your services in the future. An open house is a great way to let people know the types of services you offer and also a way for you to reach people who you don’t already know. Hand out those business cards and pay attention to what people’s needs are. Even if it is not an immediate need, someday they may call you and it will be worth the time you spent getting to know them.

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