Saturday, March 21, 2009

Business is Great! We are upgrading!

Thanks to the great clients we have at Marsha Booth & Associates, we are happy to say our two girls up front are BOTH getting new Dell computers! For awhile one of the front office computers have been going to sleep when ever it feels like it, so you don't know if it will wake up or not. And if you walk to the back for a cofee or anything, it just decides at random to shut down. Time to upgrade for sure! So we got a great deal with some "inside" discounts so we got two for the price of one we had been considering! So, Cindi will get a faster computer and will stop complaining, and Kala will have no excuses so we are ready for what ever you can bring in!

As a special suprise, I have decided to get each of the girls a new "Mini Laptop" as well, so no matter where they are at, their work will be at their fingertips! Not really we just wanted to let them know how wonderful they are and just as a thank you and they have both been in the market for new laptops anyway.

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