Thursday, June 4, 2009

Beautiful Girls Workshop - Free Event Open to the Public

Demery & Associates present the Beautiful Girl’s Workshop designed to foster self-esteem in girls age 10-16 and to impact and influence the decisions that they make. We believe girls can be empowered and challenged to make a difference in their own lives if they are afforded an opportunity. Ladies I know you can relate to this urgent need of empowerment.
We are committed to gathering professionals from various fields who are committed to making a difference and who will provide quality instruction to build self-esteem and self-confidence in a fun and exciting environment.

Price: Participants Free

Date: July 11, 2009 – 9-4pm

ECTC, OTB-Room 303

Phone: (502) 377-1458

Age Suitability: Girls 10-16

The topics may include:

* Preparing girls to better meet educational and life challenges
* Encouraging and assisting girls to stay in school
* Healthy sexuality, boundaries, and dating relationships
* Body image, self esteem, and personal power
* Beauty Techniques and Short-Cuts
* The Best Me I Can Be (Etiquette and Esteem)
* Dress With Class and Pizzazz
* Media messages, specifically the objectification of women, in music, television, and magazines
* Identity, individuality, and goals
* Physical health, including nutrition and exercise
* Mental health, including dealing with emotions, depression, and stress relief
* Violence, bullying, conflict resolution, and Internet safety
* Young women and the "new generation" of feminism
* Girls, social change, and influencing policy
* Young women and grassroots leadership, including initiating community action projects for social justice
* Experiences and barriers to youth organizing
* Young people, civic engagement, and democratic involvement
* Art as a tool for dialogue and empowerment

We are looking for instructors to present interactive activities, door prizes, food donations, etc.

Most importantly, we need young girls to attend. Lunch is provided.

I want to thank those who have already volunteered their time. It is greatly appreciated.
Dr. Gail M. Demery
President & CEO Demery & Associates
Personal and Professional Business Consultant

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