Thursday, September 17, 2009

Business is good!

I was just reading an article I found on Re/Max and it thought it was worth sharing. It revealed that Re/Max agents ranked "Most Productive" of any other company. They provided graphs and showed that Re/Max agents averaged 13.2 transactions which was 36% higher than the closest competitor.This particular graph was for 2008 and the survey found Re/Max was the most productive for several years running.
One great thing Re/Max has going for it is the name, Re/Max is recognized everywhere and brands sell! Wouldn't you rather have a Re/Max sign in your yard than a virtually unknown? There are so many companies in our local area alone. Many of these companies try to model their companies after the Re/Max brand. Re/Max never stops evolving and is dedicated to staying ahead. Think of Re/Max in terms of the well known cellular company and their commercial ads, they are everywhere! Wouldn't you want the Re/Max network behind you??
Call one of our agents today and learn why buying or selling with Re/Max is your best option! We are dedicated to you, our clients and friends!

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