Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tax Credits

The First Time Home Buyers Tax Credit has been extended!!! The tax credit has also been extended to buyers who have lived in their home more than seven years. Call for all the details.

Take advantage of the market and the tax credit. Get the most for your money. Let me share the story of a recent buyer.

First time home buyer, young female, searching for her dream starter home. Her dream was to have some land and a cute little house all on a small budget. With adding land comes higher prices or homes that just didn't fit her style. Then one day after months of searching a foreclosure came on the market. The house needed some cosmetic work but the structure was in great shape and 4.5 acres, this home was her dream. The house needed a roof, some siding, a kitchen and some drywall. The young lady loved the house but wondered where would she get the money to do the repairs. So I told her the first time home buyers tax credit can be used on foreclosed properties.
This would fix the house, keep money in her pocket and get to live her dream.

Put your money to good use. We can help find you your dream and get the most for your money. First Time Home Buyers tax credit isnt the only program out there to help with your purchase. Energy star products have a list of tax credits available. Call us today and let us help you.

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