Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Nearby Bardstown Kentucky

Have you spent any time in Bardstown Kentucky? There are a lot of interesting things there worth checking out! Like the haunted Jail House estimated to be about 200 years old. They have made it a bed and breakfast and you can stay behind bars if you choose! If you venture out back, there they say men were hanged right in the courtyard. It is a beautiful setting but does have an eerie feel to it.
A few blocks down we came across a Museum of Whiskey History. There were a lot of interesting things here too, and I was able to get a unique photo here. This would be a place I would like to return and spend some time. There is Saint Josephs Cathedral in Bardstown also and it was a beautiful place to see. There is lots of history here and there is usually somone there to give you a tour and tell you the history. The stained glass always gets my attention and also made for a great photo. I have found many other great places in Bardstown and if you have guests in from another place, this is a great place to spend a day. There is definitely something for everyone here.
Is there a favorite place you like to visit nearby? That is one of the great things about living in Elizabethtown, there are so many great places in and around the area that you can spend a day visiting or just a couple hours. I love to just grab the camera and go-- you never know what you will find and want to remember!


Anonymous said...

I love Bardstown, there is so much to see and do there!

Anonymous said...

That is the one nice thing about living in Etown, it is close to alot of different things. Bardstown has some neat shops on the mainstreet. And the meat shop Boone's perfect for grilling.