Wednesday, July 16, 2008

New trend in the horizon?

New trend in the horizon?
Ok, I saw on HGTV the other night "Sleep on It", a show that encouraged a potential homebuyer to sleep over at the house that they were most interested in purchasing. It gives the client the opportunity to spend a night in the house and see if it is a good fit all round. Now I see this as a good idea, but might hurt the sale of a lot of homes too. Maybe there is a train that runs nearby or a loud neighbor coming in from work at 3:00 AM? Not exactly things you have any control over but would possibly be a deal breaker. Our company has not had a request for this yet, but I wondered if anyone has had any requests for this and how did you handle it? With today's "Try before you buy" marketing, I can easily see how this would be a up and coming idea for real estate too. What do you think?

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Anonymous said...

I think this would be fun! Just think when are down to the top 2 and your mind is over run with which home to live in FOREVER! We have become a world of try before I buy: ice cream, cars, furniture just to name a few. This maybe the new real estate trend here in Elizabethown. Anyone willing to let someone spend the night in their home that is for sale?