Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Do you Stumble? Foxfire Magic!

Ok, I have found an awesome way to find some really unique websites! If you use Mozilla Foxfire as your browser, you have most likely heard of Stumble. But have you actually tried it? Be careful, it can be very addicting!

I have found so many great sites on Stumble that I may start posting some of my favorites! One that I recently came across and thought was very unique and useful too was Check it out if you have a few minutes and it is sure to be a favorite for you too, especially if you have teenagers!

I guess I should explain for those of you who have no idea about Stumble! It is just a button on your browser that you click and it takes you to random sites associated with choices you make when you first download it. For instance I choose Photography as one of my picks and so I get a lot of unique photography sites and they are great for ideas maybe for Advertising or family photographs? I also picked Technology as one of my choices and came across one of my favorites This site offers a ton of great Techie info and you too will want to check back on this one often.

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